The Amazing Ametrine

Ametrine that is also known as trystine or by the trade name of bolivite has entranced human kind for decades. Discovered in Bolivian mines of Anahi in the 1960s, this semi precious gemstone has captivated the attention of dealers, ametrine dtjewelers and fashion lovers alike. It happens to be quartz stone that embodies the colors of both amethyst and citrine thereby attaining a yellow orangish hue with tinges of purple.

It is an intensely hard stone that measures 7 on the Moh scale. It is thus perfect for being cut and designed into jewelry. The diverse shades of colors can be best observed in bigger sized Ametrines that weigh more than 7 carats. Unfortunately, trystine can also be manufactured in a lab with the color zoning properties appearing perfect. The naturally occurring ones, however, are sure to possess a few flaws including a bleeding of hues. This makes it much easier to spot the fakes. However, Ametrine is also used for industrial purposes with lower grade, inexpensive quartz being preferred there.

ametrine pointThis particular stone combines the unique properties of both amethyst and citrine making it increase the energy and augment the healing process of the wearer. Students have been known to benefit the most by wearing Ametrine close to their bodies. The gemstone can help them to focus on their objectives thus helping them get good grades and become successful in their chosen careers. The metaphysical properties of the Ametrine can be aptly described as an energy amplifier. It is believed to produce energy vibrations that can assist a person to become more spiritually inclined.  

The beautifully colored quartz stone is almost found in the possessionametrine dt point of spiritual healers who utilize its benefits to guide their clients properly by taking the right decisions on their behalf. An individual cannot help being fascinated by the allure of this bright and multicolored quartz though. It is best to buy the magnificent quartz as points & double terminated points from https://www.madagascandirect.com in order to achieve stability and success from the stone that captures energy from both the points at one go.

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