Mineral spheres


Mineral Spheres

Throughout history, the art of clairvoyancy has been both prized and feared. Central to this ability, where information is gleaned from senses other than our mundane sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, is the crystal ball.Clear Quartz Sphere Through crystal gazing, or scrying, fortune tellers profess to see important images in the crystal, which are then interpreted as visions of the past or future. Druids in Celtic Britain used these techniques of divination, as well as famous figures such as Doctor John Dee, adviser to Queen Elizabeth I, a man of science who lauded the spiritual powers of his quartz crystal ball. Madagascan Direct has many clear quartz crystal balls available for your perusal and purchase; if you are interested in learning and utilising the skill of clairvoyancy, our spheres may be indispensable to you.

At Madagascan Direct, we sell a variety of mineral spheres, not just quartz, ranging in size from marbles to huge orbs. Our crystal spheres
Orbicular Jasper Sphereincludes the ever astonishing labradorite, whose iridescence is easily studied from all angles when spherically shaped; blue calcite, whose soft whitish-baby blue hues lend it a calming aura; and orbicular jasper (also known as ocean jasper), a gem which is composed from quartz crystallised in silicified rhyolite. This crystallisation creates a gorgeous tapestry of colours and circular shapes upon the jasper’s surface: when the crystal is carved into a sphere, the speckled circles are a beautiful parallel to the 3D spherical shape.

All mineral spheres are carefully selected from Madagacar to ensure they are of the highest quality, and cut and polished to a high standard by our specialist lapidary workers. This culminates in their trademark smooth texture and sleek aesthetic, which makes Madagascan Direct’s mineral spheres perfect for striking interior design. These crystals also have many positive psychic attributes; for example, black moonstone is said to improve concentration and to help the healing of injured animals. Whether you are looking for sophisticated décor, metaphysical tools, or a fossil of historical interest (as well as traditional fossil wood logs, Madagascan Direct also provides fossil wood spheres, which retain their characteristically reddish tones whilstCarnelian Sphere benefitting from the shine and shape of a polished sphere), we have a mineral sphere for you.

Other spheres in Madagascan Direct’s catalogue include carnelian geode, smokey quartz, rose quartz, yellow quartz, rhodonite, optical calcite, green apatite, yellow septarian, black septarian, chrysophase, and gyrasol. Thank you for reading, and we hope that you find a sphere that suits your tastes.

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