Beautiful Jaspers from around the World


Beautiful Jaspers From Around The World

The gemstone known as Jasper can be described as an opaque form of chalcedony that is found displaying a ocean jaspermotley of amazing colours. The collectors are stunned by the beauty of this beautiful stone and are often eager to polish and wear it as an adornment. The red, green, yellow and brown splotches appear due to the presence of impurities particularly silica remnants. However, the beauty of this mineral is sure to attract the users who aspire to retain it for various purposes.

Surprisingly, Jasper is seldom found sporting a single colour. The mottled appearance definitely enhances its appeal with the fortune tellers and astrologers eager to spell out the mystic nature of this particular gemstone. Jasper has been held in awe from time immemorial though with mention of it being found in the Bible as well.fruit jasper sphere


However, there are a huge number of Jasper stones in the market today. Not all of them are the same though with specific varieties found in certain parts of the world. It is best to check out the Jaspers on offer and inquire about the associated facts. Here are a few details. Do check…

  1. Agate Jasper- This one happens to be a combination of both the agate as well as Jasper. Commonly found in Rhineland, Germany, it can make an astonishing decorative item.
  2. African Jasper- This variety of the gemstone is found in extensive parts of Africa and is tinted with a number of hues.
  3. Biggs Jasper- A special kind of Jasper depicting light and dark brown bands is found in the Biggs Junction, Oregon.
  4. Brazilian Jasper- This one is a healing stone that is believed to balance the emotions of individuals wearing it. It is found in widespread areas across Brazil and is generally green with a mottling of dark grey.
  5. Fruit Jasper – Is a beautiful rich multi-coloured Jasper from India with a maroon back ground and a high  polish.
  6. Imperial Jasper- This is a white colored stone that reveals the existence of Jasper when its surface is brushed vigorously. It is mined in and around Mexico and is associated with Royalty.
  7. Kambaba Jasper- This is a round stone, deep green or dark grey in color. Found extensively in
    Madagascar, Africa, the Jasper also contains the fossilized remains of algae. It is alternatively known as Crocodile Jasper.
  8. Mookaite Jasper- The light red stone with a yellowish tinge can be found deep inside Australia. It also
    contains fossils of the prehistoric era.
  9. Noreena Jasper- This variety also originates in Australia and is largely found in the Pilbara District. The presence of iron gives it a distinctive dark brown or reddish color. However, the stone can split into several pieces on falling.
  10. Ocean Jasper- Originating in Madagascar, this stone happens to be orbicular in nature. Surprisingly, it is almost transparent instead of being completely opaque.
  11. Picture Jasper- This is a beautiful gemstone that is likened to a pretty picture, hence the name. It is actually a form of brown jasper containing ossified pockets of mud and volcanic rock found across the North Western part of USA.
  12. Red Jasper- Red jasper comes from the north of Madagascar. The striking deep rich red is caused by ironred jasper sphere impurities. Red Jasper has been used throughout the ages for items such as snuff boxes, ancient seals and has even been carved into vases.

You might want to select a fabulous Jasper in order to enhance your collection even if you do not believe it to bepolychrome jasper bestowed with hidden powers. Feel free to visit and obtain the best jaspers without having too spend outrageously. 



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