We have just added some beautiful Chrysocolla products on to our website which we chrysocolla hearthave had made by a skilled artisan in Peru. The quality of the work is very good and the products blend in very nicely with all of our quality products from Madagascar. Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper phyllosilicate mineral and occurs in copper mines notably from Peru and the Congo. Chrysocolla normally grows in a massive form but it also can be botroydal and have stalactitic growths. The name Chrysocolla is derived from ancient Greek. It forms when copper is oxidised and is associated with other minerals such as Tenorite, Quartz, Limonite, Azurite, Malachite and Cuprite being among some of them. Chrysocolla comes in a range of beautiful shades of blue and blue-green and can often be confused with Turquoise another copper related mineral.

We Chrysocolla eggshave had made beautiful hearts which are a fabulous shape and a really nice finish without being stabilized. Eggs have also been crafted and make an eye catching addition to anyone's semi-precious stone egg collection. Naturally we have had spheres made and they are of a very high quality and have some of the other associated copper minerals present in them as well as being very attractive and a welcome addition to anyone's semi-precious stone collection. The last thing we have had made and something that you very rarely see are beautiful flat high quality hand made Chrysocolla pebbles. These have a beautiful shape and are very tactile and fit in the hand perfectly making them ideal for the healer.Chrysocolla spheres

The Chrysocolla from Peru can be truly gorgeous and there is a very famous mine there called the Lily mine. The mine is about 200km south of the capital of Peru Lima. The mine produced some stunning sky blue Chrysocolla, sadly though the mine is now not producing much Chrysocolla or other mineral specimens. Enjoy some high grade Chrysocolla specimens from now Chrysocolla pebbleswhile it is still available.

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