Madagascan direct news


Madagascan Direct news

Madagascan Direct has entered its 10th year of selling high quality fossils and crystals online and we would like to thank all our customers past and present. because without your support we would not be where we are today.

Madagascan direct will start to sell a few non Madagascan pieces over the coming months. but our main content will remain to be primarily minerals and fossils from Madagascar. We have contacts all over the world in high ametrine for salequality minerals and we will now be introducing a few new very nice pieces to the web site. This will include beautiful translucent Brazilian Spheres and cut points, stunning little cut and polished double terminated clear and Amethyst quartz points. The Amethyst Spheres are incredibly high quality and not available from Madagascar, and although we do obtain chevron Amethyst in Madagascar we feel these will make a nice addition to the website to compliment our other clean and bright crystals that we have fore sale. We also have a small amount of Ametrine which is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine and generally comes from Bolivia.We have this in single and double terminated points. We will also be adding amazing blue and purple stalactite slices for salerainbow fluorite from China as it is of very high quality , this rainbow fluorite will be in stand up polished points, cut and polished double terminated points, large heart shapes and also large flat oval pebbles.

Arriving soon will also be fantastic stalactite slices with amethyst and clear quartz. These will be from Brazil and Uruguay and will be very high quality with sizes ranging from 3cm diameter upto a massive 15cm diameter and will be perfect for the jeweller or the discerning collector. When we first started Madagascan direct in 2007 we stocked clear quartz and chalcedony stalactite slices on our web site from Madagascar which displayed incredible patterns, these were always a very popular item but unfortunately we were unable to continue to source these fabulous items in fluorite for saleMadagascar and have therefore looked further afield to find more.

We have also a new range of high grade Labradorite carvings from Madagascar which have been very skillfully carved by artisins in China. these are not your everyday run of the mill carvings and are a beauty to behold, the skilled workmanship that has gone into producing these carvings shows in their incredible detail and amazing looks. we do not normally include these types of items on our website but due to their quality we could not resist them.

labradorite carvingWe are getting ready to embark on our next trip to Madagascar on the 10th of October and are very excited to secure some choice fossils and crystals for our loyal customers.

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