Fossil and Crystal gifts


Fossil and Crystal Gifts

Fossils and Crystals are beautiful natural objects which make fantastic gifts at Christmas, Anniversaries, Birthdays or just when you want to give an extra special thank you to someone. If you are a collector a healer or someone who finds mother natures treasures irresistible a fossil or crystal can make a wonderful and unique gift which is timeless and a real talking point and will outlast any gift that will go in or out of fashion.

For the spiritual people out there crystals are more than something which is extremely tactile and pleasing to the eye it is something that has a unique energy and is used as a tool for healing. Different ailments and there are a number of books on crystal healing available and also workshops are held all over the United kingdom to promote the practice. The Mind, Body and Spirit events are very large and promote various different forms of alternative healing and crystal healers can be found at one of these shows. Madagascar crystals are some of the oldest crystals in the world and are highly sought after by healers for their clarity. At Madagascan direct we hand pick all of our crystals in Madagascar to ensure that we have the cleanest, brightest crystals that are crystals that are available for sale on the market place. As i write this i am preparing for a trip in a weeks time to go to Madagascar. Crystals of all sizes will be purchased and it allows us to have a large stock which we can select from to go on our website. These beautiful pieces will then be purchased and will make their way around the world to be given as a gift or will be kept for personal use. Collectors will proudly show of their collection to friends and family and this can also be an excellent financial move as high quality crystals are getting harder to find and in my 19 years of dealing in crystals the price has only gone up and not come down. Collectors can be more specific in the items which they collect and you will find people who just collect different mineral spheres or eggs or the ones which just collect natural crystals or the inclusions in quartz which can look stunning. Of course the jewellery market place is huge and precious and semi-precious stones have adorned rings and necklaces for centuries and cut stones and even fossils are fashioned into beautiful jewellery for the proud wearer.

At Christmas time the trend for puchasing these beautiful natural gifts has grown hugely with the help of the internet instead of having a few specialised shops, fossils and crystals have become much more mainstream and people are a lot more aware of their existence. January is also a very busy time for selling online as people are keen to spend their Christmas money on a crystal of their choice.

Fossils too have grown in popularity and films like Jurassic park did a lot to promote interest in Amber and dinosaurs and left people wanting to own something which was millions of years old. As with crystal collecting there are serious enthusiasts who collect different fossils and people who buy them just for their natural beauty. At Madagascan Direct we sell a wide variety of fossils including; Ammonites which are in their natural state or they have been polished to enhance their natural beauty, it is amazing to think something that swam the seas 120 million or 163 million years ago can now adorn someones desk or mantle piece and is a cherished gift. Fossil wood is also very popular and with its lovely rich colours which is Jasper replacement it can add colour and beauty to any household and it is a chic form of interior design. Copal too is not as old as Amber by any stretch of the imagination as Amber has to be 35 million years old , however it is inexpensive and you can examine all of the trapped insects and enjoy the natural beauty for a fraction of the cost of real amber. Also at Madagascan Direct we have Nautilus which are still swimming the seas today. These cretaceous beauties are very tactile and striking after we have polished them showing the stunning calcite stripes of the different body chambers. Iridescent ammonites display flashes of intense colours over their shell, ideal for the lovers of colours and polished ammonites show a beautiful intricate suture pattern to wonder at. 

So it is a beautiful crystal or semi-precious stone shape into something beautiful or even a fossil. Give someone a gift from mother nature which has been millions of years in the making and will last for millions more.



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