Crystals for sale


Crystals for Sale

Crystals have been revered and sold throughout history. From enigmatic crystal skulls; to clear quartz crystal quartz crystal bedballs used for fortune-telling; to crystal jewellery; crystals come in many forms. For example, thousands of years ago crystals such as carnelian were used to make amulets in Ancient Egypt, where sections of the Book of the Dead were carved onto its surface: the finished product was kept in the deceased’s tomb to help their journey into the afterlife. Therefore, crystals not only have significant aesthetic value, but to many they have spiritual and religious value too; and this has contributed to their enduring popularity. Madagascan Direct sells a variety of crystals, sourced from Madagascar, which may be of interest to you. These come in a selection of different shapes, and include high quality hand-made jewellery. The shapes include eggs, spheres, geodes, flame shapes, wands and bowls.    

ruby crystalThe ruby is one of the world’s most famous crystals, and can be found in the Vatomandry area of Madagascar. As one of the four precious gemstones on Earth, it is nearly as hard as a diamond. The base mineral forming ruby crystals is corrundum, with the characteristic red colour caused by chromium. This red hue has meant rubies have remained a symbol of love and desire for centuries. Our natural ruby crystals would make a fantastic gift for a romantic partner, especially on Valentine’s Day. 

Labradorite is also a very special crystal. It’s famous for its labradorescence (also known as the Schiller effect), which is where a labradorite slicespectrum of shimmering colours shines out like a rainbow when the crystal is exposed to light. A mineral of the feldspar group, labradorite consists of both albite and anorthite. As a consequence, the crystal measures 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, and is therefore relatively hard and durable. Madagascan Direct sells labradorite pieces perfect for display (such as slices and pebbles), as well as beautiful jewellery. We have a great selection of hand-made labradorite pendants, which can be worn as part of a unique necklace, and labradorite rings which are sure to draw positive attention.

celestite geodeCelestite, also known as celestine, is renowned for its ethereal bluish-white hue. This angelic colour is thought to
be caused by traces of gold within the crystal, and natural processes of irradiation. Its metaphysical powers are said to include the ability to incite relaxation, which makes it perfect as a tool to be used during meditation. As a consequence of its divine appearance, celestite is also used by many people in an attempt to communicate with angels. Similarly-coloured blue calcite is a relatively soft carbonate crystal (measuring 3 on the Mohs scale), the softness of which matches its baby blue colour. It is believed by many to have a calming influence on whoever holds it, like celestite does.

Many of quartz’s most famous varieties demonstrate beautiful colours and patterns. Pink-shaded rose quartz can amethystbe cut into shapes such as hearts and pebbles. Grey-black smoky quartz is both popular for its sophisticated tones, and its metaphysical properties; referred to as a Dream Stone, many people believe smoky quartz can improve dream quality. Amethyst, a purple quartz gemstone, is reputed by many people to be a highly powerful protective stone. Amethyst may relieve sleep problems and stress. Citrine, another quartz variety, ranges in colour from burnt, summery yellows to pale golds. Natural citrine is a rare and prized gemstone, for most citrine on the market is simply heat-treated amethyst rather than true citrine. However, Madagascan Direct sources natural citrine from existing deposits in Madagascar for your purchase.

Agate is a banded form of chalcedony. Similarly to quartz varieties, agate is created from silica.  At Madagascan agate sphereDirect, you can find high quality agate in shapes such as pebbles and bowls. You might recognise agate because of some of its famous varieties. These include fire agate, which has an iridescent flame-like aesthetic. Madagascan Direct also sells agate jewellery, including agate pendants whose colours are mute, sophisticated tones that lend grace and beauty to the wearer.

Polychrome Jasper, otherwise known as Desert Jasper, is famous for the multitude of colours upon the crystal’s surface. The colours may include reds, pinks, greys and oranges; all of which twist around each other in aesthetically-pleasing patterns It is useful for healing negative emotions and as a method of grounding yourself. Yellow septarian was formed during the Cretaceous period (up to 70 million years ago). It consists of a geode filled with various minerals such as yellow calcite (which gives the septaria its characteristic colour). It is also known as a dragonstone due its colourful nature and the cracks and fissures that characterise septaria. Metaphysically, it is said to improve communication between people. Carnelian, with its deep reds and oranges, resembles fire. The crystal is yet another beautifully vibrant and colourful gem. Carnelian is a variation of chalcedony, so it is composed from silica like quartz varieties; however it differs from other types of chalcedony as it contains iron oxide impurities, leading to its famed fire-red colour. This strong colour has led many users to believe that holding carnelian can increase one’s bravery. Some forms of carnelian are even banded, and these are classified as carnelian agate. If you’re interested in crystals with lighter pinkish tones, and crystals which are less fiery than carnelian, Rhodonite is a pink crystal that may be perfect for you (as well as rose quartz).  Strips of black maganese oxide pass through the crystal surface, adding a unique touch to the crystal.

Black moonstone is a jet-black crystal reputed by many users to improve concentration in distraction-filled locations such as at the work desk. Black tourmaline is a semi-precious stone whose black black tourmalinecolour is owed to the many elements naturally added to the crystalline boron silicate structure, especially iron. The high proportion of iron in black tourmaline means that often the crystal will have magnetic properties.

Madagascan Direct sells a large range of crystals of different types, colours and shapes. Please feel free to peruse Madagascan Direct’s catalogue: the crystals mentioned here are just a sample of the wide variety we have to offer.

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