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Amazonite is a stunning stone which displays vivid turquoise blue-green hues. Read on to learn all about Amazonite: its mineralogy, its history, its metaphysical properties, and more. 

What Is Amazonite Made Of?

Amazonite Hearts

Amazonite is a tectosilicate mineral and a member of the microcline feldspar group of minerals due to its high composition of potassium.
It is thought that Amazonite’s unique blue-green colours are caused by complex chemical processes that are still not fully understood: traces of lead in the mineral have been singled out as a likely cause, however.

Graphic Amazonite is a form of Amazonite that is associated with Smoky Quartz.

Where Does Amazonite Come From?

Amazonite Palm Stones

Although named after the Amazon River, this Amazonite piece was sourced from the Anjanbonoing region of Madagascar.
Amazonite can also be found in other countries around the globe, including Russia, Brazil, and the USA.

Amazonite History

Amazonite Crystal Hearts

Also known as Amazonstone, Amazonite was named after the Amazon River due to its distinctive colouring.

Amazonite was crafted into amulets and used as good luck charms in ancient times; it was even found in the tomb of Tutankhamen, one of the most famous Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

Amazonite has also been found in the archaeological sites of Mesopotamia.

Amazonite Crystal Healing Properties

Amazonite Pebbles

Reported by crystal healers to bring the user a sense of balance, clarity and calm, Amazonite is believed to be a great soother of anxiety.
Infused with water energy, Amazonite is said to help its user to “go with the flow” in life, to navigate ups and downs with ease and resilience.
Amazonite is also believed to help users identify and speak the truth, helping them to remain authentic.
Sometimes referred to as the Stone of Hope, this crystal can foster one's confidence in achieving their goals and dreams.

Amazonite Chakras

Amazonite Points

Amazonite is strongly associated with the Heart Chakra, and when used with this chakra is thought to invoke feelings of serenity, peace, and love.
Amazonite can also be used with the Throat Chakra to enhance communication and speech.

How Hard Is Amazonite?

Graphic Amazonite Spheres

Measuring 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, care should be taken not to damage the surface of this mineral.

To clean the crystal, simply use water and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth. 

Amazonite Crystal Collections

Amazonite Towers

A piece of Amazonite would make a great addition to any crystal collection, alongside other blue crystals and green crystals such as Larimar.

If you are a Feldspar mineral collector, an Amazonite specimen is sure to take pride of place alongside other Feldspars such as Labradorite, Sunstone, and Rainbow Moonstone

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