New Crystal Jewellery: Crystal Pendants


New Crystal Jewellery: Crystal Pendants

King Cobra Jasper Pendants

We have been very busy in the workshop the last couple of weeks making lots of new crystal pendants, and we are excited to share the fruits of our labour with you all!

Available now for purchase are: new hand made pendants, including King Cobra Jasper Pendants, Labradorite Pendants, and Larimar Pendants

By hand-cutting and hand-polishing these stones, we have created high quality crystal jewellery perfect for use in jewellery making

Each pendant has been cut into an oval shape, hand-polished, and then drilled and set with a rhodium-plated, 925 silver bail perfect for attaching to a chain to make a crystal necklace.

King Cobra Jasper Pendants

Buy King Cobra Jasper Jewellery

We have selected the King Cobra Jasper stones with the most striking orb patterns and the most vivid colours to make pendants from. 

King Cobra Jasper is a very hardy and durable stone, given that it measures 7 on the Mohs scale: this makes it perfect for the wear and tear associated with everyday use. 

If you decide to make a King Cobra Jasper Pendant into a necklace, then you can rest assured that the pendant will not be easily damaged, although care should always be taken not to scratch the carefully polished surface. 

What's So Great About King Cobra Jasper? 

King Cobra Jasper is one of the most popular stones we have available at Madagascan Direct, and for good reason: 

  • Each piece is one of a kind: the exquisitely colourful orb pattern distinctive of King Cobra Jasper is individual to each piece
  • It's collectible: because there are so many variations in colour and pattern, King Cobra Jasper is a great stone to collect in various forms
  • It's new: this type of Jasper has not long been discovered, so it is an interesting new find

Labradorite Pendants

Labradorite Pendants

Labradorite is another firm favourite stone at Madagascan Direct.

We source our high-quality Labradorite from Madagascar, and then cut and polish the material in our UK workshop using specialist machines which are operated by hand. 

Hand Made Labradorite Pendants

What's So Great About Labradorite? 

Here at Madagascan Direct, we and many of our customers love Labradorite, and here are just some reasons why: 

  • It's a show-stopper: it's difficult to resist the allure of its iridescent, flashing colours, which shimmer and shine upon exposure to light 
  • It's affordable: here at Madagascan Direct, buying high grade Labradorite does not mean you have to pay sky high prices
  • It has a storied history in myth and legend, having been used by shamans and mystics throughout the ages

Larimar Pendants

Larimar Necklaces

Last year, we acquired a small quantity of high-grade rough Larimar from the Dominican Republic, and we have spent many months cutting and polishing the material into polished shapes such as Larimar Pendants

This brilliant rare gem is truly a sight to behold. Each piece displays unique, individual patterns including clouds of sky blue, streaks of marbled white, and speckles of sea-green.

The gorgeous colours and patterns of Larimar make it a great stone for use in jewellery making

What's So Great About Larimar? 

We think Larimar is a fantastic stone, and here's why:

  • Larimar is very rare: it's only found in one place in the world
  • Its colour is one of a kind: you'll be lucky to find another stone with such a stunning sky blue hue
  • It's prized by crystal healers, who love its calming, peaceful energy

We hope that you can find the perfect pendant for you here at Madagascan Direct.

If you are interested, we also have a large variety of other Crystal Jewellery available for sale, including rings and other pendants (Carnelian Pendants, Orbicular Jasper Pendants, Shiva Shell Pendants, and more).

Ocean Jasper Pendants

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