Easter Crystals: Crystal Easter Eggs


Crystals For Easter: Crystal Easter Eggs

Easter is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. A signifier of Spring, this season is ripe with joyous energy.

If you are looking for a crystal befitting the potent energy of Easter, then this is the article for you. We will take you on a journey through the best crystals for Easter, including Moss Agate, Carnelian, and Rainbow Moonstone.

All of the crystals discussed are available as cut crystal egg shapes at Madagascan Direct: eggs are deeply symbolic of growth, fertility, and new life, and Easter eggs are perhaps the ultimate emblem of Easter in modern times.

Furthermore, a crystal Easter Egg hunt sounds like an incredibly fun idea!

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So, what are our favourite crystals for Easter

1) Moss Agate Eggs

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Moss Agate is perhaps the stone most perfect for Easter. 

Due to its famous moss-like patterns, Moss Agate (some varieties are known as Tree Agate) is deeply symbolic of growth, rejuvenation, and new life, like the plants its appearance resembles.

Use a Moss Agate Egg during your crystal meditations at Easter to harness the power of the season, to enhance your personal growth, and to refresh your mind. 

2) Rainbow Moonstone Eggs

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Rainbow Moonstone, associated with lunar goddesses all around the world, is deeply symbolic of femininity, fertility, and new life itself.

During the fertile Spring season, and most particularly during the Easter period, Rainbow Moonstone can be a great crystal to have around the home. 

A Rainbow Moonstone Egg makes a striking display piece, with its striking contrast between White Moonstone and Black Tourmaline inclusions.

Rainbow Moonstone mesmerises with its radiant inner glow and flashes of rainbow colours, making it a brilliant stone to help focus the eye and attention during meditation practice. 

3) King Cobra Jasper Eggs

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King Cobra Jasper is vibrant in all its many colours, suiting the joyous energy of the season. 

Revered as a Counsellor's Stone, King Cobra Jasper can help guide and advise you as you navigate your personal life journey. 

If you decide to make changes to your life during this season of renewal and rebirth, having a King Cobra Jasper Egg to hand may help you to make important decisions with ease and comfort.

4) Lepidolite Eggs

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Lepidolite is a highly calming stone with intense mood-stabilising properties.

Easter, although a season of happiness and love, can feel quite overwhelming at times, especially when there are big family reunions to attend and organise. 

If you or your children are getting swept up in the excitement of Easter meals and Easter Egg Hunts, then perhaps a Lepidolite Egg will help exude an atmosphere of calm!

5) Carnelian Eggs

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Carnelian has long been known in the crystal world as a stone of passion, vitality, and joy. 

If you are struggling to motivate yourself at the moment, or are perhaps feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to plan and attend big social gatherings at Easter, then a Carnelian Egg would be a useful stone for you to hold and display around the home. 

6) Chrysocolla Eggs

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Chrysocolla, sometimes known as Gem Silica, is a brilliant crystal to use at Easter.

This stunning blue stone is highly attuned with the Throat Chakra, the centre of communication in the body: therefore Chrysocolla is believed by crystal healers to help with communication problems and difficulty in having the courage to speak to others. 

As socialisation is a big part of Easter festivities all around the world, a Chrysocolla Egg can be essential in nurturing one's courage to reach out to old friends and family and reconnect with loved ones. 

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We hope that you will be able to find the perfect Easter crystal for you. 

From all of us here at Madagascan Direct:

Happy Easter!


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