February Sale 2021: 15% Off All Crystals And Fossils


February Sale 2021: Great Value Crystals And Fossils

It's that time of year again: the return of the Madagascan Direct February Sale!

The sale begins on the 1st February, and will involve 15 percent off all fossils and crystals for the whole of February. 

Although the sale ends on the 28th February, we would recommend that you purchase your favourite crystals and fossils as soon as possible: from many years of experience, we know that our sale items sell very fast indeed!

Double Terminated Ametrine Points

Fortunately, we still have thousands of high-quality products for you to choose from even if you do end up missing out on something you had your heart set on.

However, if you're struggling to pick something out of the thousands of wonderful fossils and crystals we have, and are in need of some guidance, this is the blog for you!

Let's talk about what we recommend you invest in during our bi-annual crystals and fossils sale

Large Crystal Display Pieces

Buy Celestite Clusters Online

Now is the perfect time to invest in some large crystals to display in your home.

With 15 percent of the price of each large crystal display piece knocked off during this sale, large crystals at Madagascan Direct are highly affordable. 

As many of us are spending more time indoors than ever, with the combination of cold winter days and lockdowns, it is important to make your home as warm and welcoming as possible. 

A lovely crystal display piece, such as a large Celestite Geode or a large crystal ball, would make a wonderful addition to any home. 

Buy Large Rose Quartz Spheres Online

We currently have a range of large crystal spheres available for purchase, as well as smaller sizes if this is what you prefer: from huge Rose Quartz Spheres, to small druzy Moss Agate Spheres, we've got your preferences covered. 

We hope you enjoy decorating your home with some of our stunning crystals!

Fossil Wood

Buy Fossilised Wood Slices Online

We are currently working very hard on our Fossil Wood project here at Madagascan Direct, and we hope you are enjoying the fruits of our labour. 

Alongside the many Fossilised Wood Slices and Petrified Wood Logs we have sourced from Madagascar, we are also continuing to cultivate a unique collection of Fossil Wood from India.

Many of our Indian Fossil Wood pieces, which are primarily made of Jasper, have been carefully cut and polished into a range of crystal shapes, including spheres, freeform shapes, and palm stones. 

Buy Fossil Wood Bowls Online

Within this range of Petrified Wood fossils and crystals, we are certain that you will be able to find a piece that appeals to you.

A piece of Fossilised Wood would make an excellent choice for a unique fossil display piece in the home: whether it be shaped into a sphere or a bowl, or even a unique shape such as a fossil tea-light candle holder, or set of fossil book ends!


Buy Ametrine Quartz Online

Ametrine has always been a best-seller for us, and we are very happy with our most recent batch of this rare crystal

Although it is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire, we were lucky to recently source a stunning selection of high-grade Ametrine, which we have been slowly uploading to the website over the last few weeks. 

This gorgeous stone, formed from both Amethyst and Citrine, continues to be very popular and new pieces have already sold out very quickly, so don't miss out!

Please purchase your Ametrine as soon as possible to avoid disappointment

Crystal Bowls

Buy Fancy Jasper Bowls Online

Crystal bowls are great for storing those little bits and bobs you find around your house which you can't think of a home for. 

Combining utility with natural aesthetic beauty, our high-quality crystal bowls are more affordable than ever during the Madagascan Direct sale. 

We currently stock a range of crystal types in bowl shapes, including rainbow-coloured Fancy Jasper bowls and druzy Moss Agate bowls

Buy Agate Bowls Online

Large Ammonite Pairs

Ammonite fossils are a staple at Madagascan Direct- we wouldn't be specialists in Madagascan fossils if we didn't love them!

During this sale, we would highly recommend investing in a large ammonite pair for your fossil collection: these fossils make excellent display pieces, and if you buy one of the larger ammonite pairs now, you will be saving more than £30!

Buy Large Ammonite Pairs Online

We hope that if you were struggling to decide what new crystal or fossil to rehome, that this blog may have helped you to decide. 

From all of us here at Madagascan Direct, we would like to thank all of our loyal customers for continuing to buy from us during these difficult times. 

Your help is much appreciated. 

Happy shopping!

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