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Crystals To Celebrate Winter

Winter is a time of wonder and joy for children and adults alike: it is the time of the Winter Solstice, the time of Christmas, and the time of New Year celebrations.

During this festive season, there are many ways in which you can use crystals to enhance your enjoyment of all the excitement.

From crystals to keep you calm and grounded within all the chaos, to crystals to keep you energised and warm during the cold, dark nights: there's a winter crystal for everyone.

So let's take a look at some stones which we feel fit the aesthetic of winter, as well as stones which are spiritually powerful during this time of year. 

Carnelian Flames

Blue Stones: The Colours Of Winter

Looking to turn your home into a Winter Wonderland? Then try adding a piece of Blue Calcite to spruce up the decorations: with its stunning icy blue hue, and occasional streaks of snow-white stone, this crystal is the epitome of winter. 

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Furthermore, Blue Calcite aligns brilliantly with the Throat Chakra, meaning that meditating with it can help you to communicate more effectively with others.

So if you're worrying about how to get through all that small talk at family gatherings over Christmas, Blue Calcite is the stone for you!

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Blue Apatite is another stunning blue stone with an aesthetic perfect for winter, with added important metaphysical abilities. 

Calming and cleansing in energy, it can help to relieve all the stress associated with Christmas and the New Year. 

Perhaps try meditating with a piece of Blue Apatite before writing your New Years Resolutions: as this stone offers clarity of mind and the ability to problem-solve, it may help you to envision and achieve your goals more effectively.  

Ice Crystals: The Winter Magic Of Clear Quartz

Double Terminated Clear Quartz Points

It is no wonder why the Ancient Greeks referred to Clear Quartz with their word for ‘ice cold’: this crystal looks just like ice!

Because of its tremendous clarity and transparency, a high-quality piece of Clear Quartz closely resembles a sparkling ice shard, making such a crystal perfect to decorate the house with during Winter. 

Some Clear Quartz specimens even display snow-like inclusions, enhancing the winter aesthetic.

Spiritually, Clear Quartz is a fantastic amplifier of energy, meaning it can be used with the other crystals discussed in this blog to increase their powers. 

Clear Quartz Spheres

Red Crystals: Warm Stones For Cold Winter Nights

Feeling tired and demoralised by the cold, dark weather? In need of a pick-me-up? It may be a good idea for you to invest in a set of red crystals.

Red stones are renowned for the passionate energy and the sense of vitality they exude, which makes them perfect to use during winter to rejuvenate yourself when you're feeling low. 

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We at Madagascan Direct would recommend Garnet as a great choice for a red semi-precious stone to add to your crystal collection

Displaying a warm berry colour, Garnet conjures images of cosy nights by the fire with a glass of mulled wine to sip on. 

Spiritually associated with fire energy, Garnet can be very helpful to meditate with if you're in need of an extra push to follow your dreams. 


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Rubies are the stones that are perhaps the most deeply symbolic of fiery passion and energy.

Often confused for Garnets in antiquity, they have since become one of the most enduringly popular precious stones ever known to man. 

For a forceful burst of energy, a natural ruby crystal is the perfect stone to use. 

Other useful red stones include Red Jasper, Carnelian, and selected King Cobra Jasper pieces: all of these stones can help you get through the Winter Blues. 

Crystal Flame Shapes: A Roaring Fire Of Crystal Energy

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If the vitality and warmth of a red crystal is simply not enough to perk you up, then a flame shaped crystal may do the trick.

Stones cut into flame shapes have a potent spiritual energy, especially when paired with red stones such as Carnelian.

A Crystal Flame is deeply symbolic of heat and warmth: its energy can feel both energising like fire and comforting like a warm blanket.

Buy Smoky Quartz Flame Shapes

A Smoky Quartz Flame Shape can be very useful for you during Winter, for it offers protection and grounding during the dark months, helping to soothe fears and anxieties as you enter the depths of Winter. 

If you wish to combine the twin aesthetics of ice and fire, then perhaps a Clear Quartz Flame Shape may be an even better choice for you. 

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Winter Sunshine: The Power Of Yellow Quartz

During the dark days and nights of Winter, it is only natural that you may miss the glorious sunshine of Summer. 

Winter may be the best season for you to invest in some yellow crystals to add some portable sunshine to your home. 

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Yellow Quartz, which varies widely in colour from sunny yellows to dark gold tones, is a great example of a yellow crystal which may help lift your spirits when you're missing the sunshine. 

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This type of Quartz is also known as the Golden Healer, because it is believed to be so powerful that it can heal many ailments. 

If you believe in crystal spirituality and crystal healing, then a piece of Golden Healer Quartz might just help you get through the colds and runny noses that run rampant during winter!

I hope that you have found this blog post helpful, and that you have hopefully got some new ideas about how to prepare your crystal collection for winter. 

From all of us here at Madagascan Direct, we hope that you can find the best crystals for winter, whatever they may be.

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