Ruby Record Keeper Crystals


Ruby Record Keeper Crystals 

Ruby crystals rank among the most famous and beloved of all precious gemstones.

At Madagascan Direct, we have a range of natural ruby crystals which have a fantastic natural hexagon shape and deep reddish-maroon hue.  

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What Is Ruby Made Of?

Ruby is a variety of the Corundum mineral family (crystallised aluminium oxides), of which Sapphires are also a member.

The distinctive red colour of this precious gemstone is thought to be caused by Chromium elements in the crystal matrix, alongside iron and titanium. 

Ruby Record Keeper Crystals

Ruby Record Keeper crystals are extraordinary due to the natural triangular shapes etched on the surface of the stones, which are the reason why this type of crystal is also known as a Record Keeper Crystal

Many Esoterics and New Age enthusiasts believe that record keeper crystals have important metaphysical properties, and that they hold ancient knowledge and wisdom (the Akashic records). 

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Where Do Rubies Come From?

Rubies can be found in various localities across the globe, including India, Myanmar, and Namibia in Africa. 

This piece was sourced from the Vatomandry area of Madagascar, an island which is an important supplier of Ruby crystals. 

History Of Rubies

Rubies have been incredibly popular throughout history in a variety of cultures and civilisations.

Its name, ruby, is the Latin word for red: in fact, until the 1800s when this mineral was properly distinguished and categorised, many types of red stones were called rubies, including garnets

Historically, rubies have been highly symbolic of wealth, royalty, and nobility. 

They have been used to decorate the crowns and palaces of kings and queens all over the world. 

Highly polished ruby gemstones continue to sell for millions of pounds even in this modern day and age, and are highly coveted by gemstone collectors

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Ruby Myth And Legend

As rubies have been an important part of civilisations the world over, it is no wonder that many myths and legends surrounding them have been created. 

Ancient cultures used rubies as good luck charms: in ancient Burma, now known as Myanmar, many people believed that if you placed a ruby inside your skin, it made you immune to harm.  

In Hindu mythology, the ruby is the stone which represents the Sun: this symbolism remains today, and modern crystal healers believe that rubies harness the potent energy of the fire element

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Ruby Crystal Healing Properties

The ruby is incredibly important in spirituality and crystal healing.

Due to its deep red colour, this red crystal is deeply symbolic of blood and life force, and is said to bring energy, strength, power, and vitality to its user. 

Rubies are recommended by crystal healers to those who need an energy boost, or who are lacking passion and drive. 

As a love stone, the ruby crystal is deeply symbolic of romantic love and passion, and is perfect for those struggling with their romantic relationships.  

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Ruby Chakras

Ruby crystals are heavily associated with the Root Chakra: they are said to harness Earth energy and offer protection, grounding, and security to their users. 

Rubies can also be used with the Heart Chakra, where they can incite and attract passion and love for others.  

As a Record Keeper Crystal, this ruby is also useful when placed on the Third Eye Chakra in the centre of the forehead to enable the attainment of knowledge and psychic wisdom. 

Sacred Geometry Of Rubies

Ruby crystals, with their intricate shapes, are a fine example of why so many people are interested in sacred geometry, where shapes are given spiritual significance. 

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Sacred Geometry Of Hexagons

Although when using the 7 crystal structures system in crystallography, rubies technically have a trigonal crystal structure, when using the favoured 6 crystal structures system, ruby crystals come under the broader category of hexagonal crystal structures

This means that the inner crystal structure, or crystal lattice, of a ruby is shaped like a hexagon. 

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The hexagon shape is prized in sacred geometry, as it is found everywhere in nature, for example in honeycombs and in the structure of DNA, as well as in important spiritual symbols such as the Star of David. 

For this reason, esoterics believe that the hexagon shape is deeply symbolic of order, harmony, and balance, as well as the creation of life itself. 

Rubies, as hexagonal crystals, can therefore be considered to symbolise the joy and unity of life. 

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Sacred Geometry Of Record Keeper Crystals Triangles

Ruby record keeper crystals have even more spiritual significance in sacred geometry.

The triangle shapes etched on their surface are perhaps even more important in spirituality than the hexagon shape.

The sacred triangle symbol symbolises complete unity, harmony, and balance; like the holy trinity.

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The tip of the triangle represents people's consciousness ascending into the higher realms of spirituality, and this meaning has been attributed to various important religious symbols such as the All Seeing Eye.

Consequently, ruby record keepers can be considered to symbolise harmony and unity as well as spiritual growth.

The spiritual meaning of rubies is emphasised further when you consider that the hexagon shape itself is even composed from tessellated triangles.  

How Hard Are Rubies?

Measuring 9 on the Mohs scale, ruby crystals are extremely hard minerals and are therefore very difficult to scratch and damage. 

Rubies are very special crystals, for diamonds are the only mineral in the world that are harder than them.

To clean your ruby crystal, simply use water and a soft cloth. 

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Ruby Crystal Collections

A ruby record keeper crystal would be ideal for the collector or healer, and is particularly useful for those interested in the spiritual significance of sacred geometry. 

As rubies are the traditional July birthstone, this crystal would make a perfect gift for a loved one who has a birthday in July.  

Buy natural ruby crystals online now at Madagascan Direct. 

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