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The best of the best: our favourite fossils and crystals for sale from Madagascan Direct. Enjoy our selection of featured products including ammonites, quartz, labradorite, and citrine. We have hand-picked these special items from our wide range of products. These pieces might display unusual patterns and inclusions, or demonstrate stunning colours. You may find an intricately patterned Ammonite fossil, a Labradorite piece that shines with a brighter spectrum of colour than usual, or even a beautiful piece of rare, polished natural Citrine. For those of you with different tastes, why not see if you can find a piece of fossilised Triassic wood dating all the way back to 248 million years ago, or a unique copal resin piece containing a carefully preserved spider or wood boring beetle. We have also selected some of our favourite fossil or crystal jeweller for you to wear and style. Please browse this section of nature's wonders and pick out something truly unique. 

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Fossil Wood Sphere from Madagascar. This impressive Fossil Wood Sphere is 9.5cm diameter…
Ammonite half Pendant bevel set in 925 silver. This attractive 3.8cm tall cut and polished…
Agate Pendant 13.8grams bezel set in 925 silver. This stunning Agate Pendant set in…
Cleoniceras Ammonite, polished fossil for sale from Madagascar. This large, stunning…
Perisphinctes Ammonite, fossil for sale from Madagascar. This large, unique fossil…
Lytoceras Ammonite with Cleoniceras Ammonite in matrix at centre, fossil for sale from…
402 products    
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