Ammonite Lytoceras 11cm

Ammonite Lytoceras 11cm | Image 1
Ammonite Lytoceras 11cm | Image 2
Dimensions: 11cm at widest point.
Ref: 3700
Price: £49.00

Lytoceras Ammonite, fossil for sale from Madagascar. This striking fossil measures a magnificent 11cm at its widest measurement and displays its natural shell. Sourced from the jungles of Mahajanga on the North West Coast of Madagascar, this well-preserved piece dates back to the Cretaceous Period and is therefore approximately 120 million years old!

Various different species of Ammonite are found in this remote location, and the seas were once full of these molluscs. Ammonites are an extinct group of marine molluscs in the sub-class of Ammonoidea of the class Cephalopod. 

This stunning ammonite comes complete with display stand, and would make a perfect collector's item or gift for fossil lovers. 

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