Mangano Calcite Heart 6.7cm

Mangano Calcite Heart 6.7cm | Image 1
Mangano Calcite Heart 6.7cm | Image 2
Mangano Calcite Heart 6.7cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 6.7cm wide, 6.1cm long, 2.2cm deep
Ref: 12325
Price: £20.00

Mangano Calcite crystal for sale from Pakistan.

This gorgeous gemstone heart measuring 6.7cm wide displays a stunning baby pink base laced with subtle striped bands of white. 

Showcasing a smooth glistening polish, this stone (otherwise known as Pink Calcite or Manganoan Calcite) is incredibly tactile and shiny. 

Soft and delicate, this gem is somewhat translucent and fluoresces under UV light, transforming it into a neon pink delight. 

What Is Mangano Calcite Made Of?

Mangano Calcite is a member of the Calcite family of minerals, which means it is primarily made of Calcium Carbonate.

What Makes Mangano Calcite Pink?

The distinctive pink colour present in Mangano Calcite is caused by Manganese inclusions within the stone. 

The white banding often found in this type of stone is simply stripes of white Calcite. 

Other Types Of Calcite

Calcite is a very diverse mineral that comes in many forms and colours.

  • Blue Calcite makes a great companion stone to baby pink Mangano Calcite with its baby blue hues.
  • Caribbean Calcite is a rare type of Calcite that has only been recently discovered. The only place in the world it is mined is in Pakistan. Displaying a mixture of pale sky blue colours, hints of mint green, and bands of white and caramel-brown, this unique stone is highly coveted for its rarity and gorgeous aesthetic value. 
  • Optical Calcite, otherwise known as Iceland Spar, is a clear transparent gem which displays magnificent rainbows when exposed to light, much like Clear Quartz. 
  • Honey Calcite, also known as Golden Calcite, showcases a rich golden honey hue with brilliant transparency.
  • Orange Calcite displays a marvellous mix of light orange tones and speckles of white.

What Makes Mangano Calcite Special? 

Mangano Calcite has a very exciting special property: it showcases bright fluorescent pink colours when exposed to UV light.

Why not experiment with this amazing effect yourself? Invest in a UV light torch, go somewhere dark, and shine a light on the stone. 

You'll be amazed by this brilliant pink fluorescent stone!

Where Is Mangano Calcite Found?

Mangano Calcite is found in many locations worldwide, including Peru and the USA. 

This pink mineral is most commonly found in areas and mines which are rich in Manganese.

Our Mangano Calcite is sourced from Pakistan, where it is extra translucent and gemmy compared to Mangano Calcite sourced from Peru, which is typically denser and more opaque. 

Mangano Calcite Crystal Healing Powers

Mangano Calcite is a Stone of Love, and is said to exude a nurturing energy that encourages compassion, forgiveness, and empathy in its user. 

This pink gemstone is believed to help people gain confidence and improve their self-esteem. 

As a soothing stone, Mangano Calcite is thought to bring peace and calm to whoever uses it, and to soothe strong negative emotions such as grief. 

Mangano Calcite Chakras

This pink crystal is most commonly used with the Heart Chakra due to its loving energy. 

However, Mangano Calcite is also used by crystal healers and energy workers to amplify energy when working with all chakras.

How To Use Mangano Calcite

  • Place a piece under your pillow at night to help you sleep and ease nightmares.
  • Display it in your workplace to help relieve stress and anxiety associated with work.
  • Hold the stone in your hand and meditate with it for peace of mind.
  • Place the stone over your Heart Chakra and meditate with it to bring yourself compassion and love.

How To Take Care Of Mangano Calcite

Measuring 3 on the Mohs scale, this mineral is very soft and fragile.

Great care should still be taken not to damage the crystal surface by handling the stone gently and keeping it away from other stones. 

To clean the delicate crystal, simply use water and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth. 

Mangano Calcite Collections

Mangano Calcite is a truly beautiful stone that deserves a place in any crystal collection.

It should take pride of place alongside all other gorgeous pink gems such as Rose Quartz and Rhodonite

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