Clear Quartz Wand 8.2cm

Clear Quartz Wand 8.2cm  | Image 1
Clear Quartz Wand 8.2cm  | Image 2
Clear Quartz Wand 8.2cm  | Image 3
Dimensions: 8.2cm long, 2cm wide
Ref: 12252
Price: £17.00

Clear Quartz Wand, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This lovely 8.2cm long wand has been re-polished from a high grade Madagascan Quartz point to create a soft, rounded base which makes the piece incredibly tactile. The bright and vibrant Quartz was sourced from the Antsirabe region of Madagascar.

This high-grade Clear Quartz is very special because when exposed to the light, rainbows shimmer and dance across and within the crystal in glorious spectra of colour. 

The transparent, clear variety of Quartz is renowned for its range of powerful healing properties, and is purported to have a highly cleansing aura. This wonderfully tactile Madagascan Quartz piece is ideal for a collector or a healer, or as a gorgeous display piece in the home.

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