Pyrite Sphere 6.5cm

Dimensions: 6.5cm in diameter
Ref: 12240
Price: £66.00

Pyrite Sphere, crystal for sale from India. This high-grade Pyrite piece has been cut into a sleek sphere shape measuring 6.5cm in diameter and polished to a very high standard. Sourced from the Aurangabad region of India, this piece shimmers and shines with gorgeous golden hues which reflect like a mirror. The metallic golds contrast against sections of jet black in a tapestry of colour. 

Pyrite's name was derived from the Greek word for fire, thus named because when struck against a hard surface or another Pyrite specimen, Pyrite gives off sparks. Crystal healers believe Pyrite's connection to fire gives it an intense fiery energy that gifts its user with determination and vitality.

Pyrite was widely used in Ancient Mesoamerica, where the Mayans polished it to create mirrors. In more recent times, it was often mistaken by miners as being gold, and that is where it has earned its nickname of Fools Gold. 

This stunning Pyrite sphere would make a perfect collector's item or piece of home decor. 


Pyrite Sphere 6.5cm | Image 1
Pyrite Sphere 6.5cm | Image 2
Pyrite Sphere 6.5cm | Image 3
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