King Cobra Jasper Egg 5.9cm

King Cobra Jasper Egg 5.9cm | Image 1
King Cobra Jasper Egg 5.9cm | Image 2
King Cobra Jasper Egg 5.9cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 5.9cm tall, 4.6cm wide
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Price: £17.00
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King Cobra Jasper Egg, crystal for sale from India. This lovely Jasper egg measures 5.9cm in height and displays a distinctive orb pattern with vibrant caramel, sandy brown, and cream tones. The crystal is named King Cobra Jasper on account of its likeness with one of the deadliest snakes in the world, and also displays unique orbs on its surface which were created by spherical inclusions of radial aggregates that happen to be needle like accumulations of crystals within the stone.

Ranging from the palest of white to a rich maroon hue, each individual King Cobra Jasper piece contains varying shades of colour in spaced patterns. These distinctive colours and patterns differentiate King Cobra Jasper from all other kinds of Jaspers found around the world.

Used by psychics and crystal healers, it has been christened as a Counsellor’s Stone, for it is believed by them to have useful metaphysical properties that can tame anger and primal energy, gifting a sense of calm and balance to the user. It is also believed to sharpen the senses and heal a number of ailments by banishing negativity completely from the body.

We have retained a small team of artisans who are working hard to keep up with the demand for King Cobra Jasper by cutting and polishing the stones to achieve these spectacular highly polished forms. A stunning addition to any collection, and ideal as a unique display piece in the home.

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