Chrysocolla Egg 6.4cm

Dimensions: 6.4cm tall, 4.8cm wide
Ref: 12119

Chrysocolla Egg, crystal for sale from Peru. This gorgeous egg measuring 6.4cm tall was sourced from the well-known Lily Mine in Peru, which is famous for producing high quality Chrysocolla. Displaying a range of beautiful blues and blue-tinted greens alongside rich earthy browns, this crystal is truly striking in appearance. 

This piece has been carefully hand-polished, which is crucial for Chrysocolla as it is a hydrated copper (one of the more challenging stones to polish).  This polish enhances the gorgeous colours present in the crystal: amongst the splashes of aqua blue and turquoise, gorgeous veins of green Malachite run through black Tenorite. The mix of these colours makes for a very pleasing display piece of quality material. 

Invest in a piece of Chrysocolla for your collection or for healing purposes: this crystal is said to promote a sense of vitality, energy, and motivation in the user. 

Price: £75.00
Chrysocolla Egg 6.4cm | Image 1
Chrysocolla Egg 6.4cm | Image 2
Chrysocolla Egg 6.4cm | Image 3
Chrysocolla Egg 6.4cm | Image 4
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