Ammonite Red Iridescent 4.3cm

Ammonite Red Iridescent 4.3cm | Image 1
Ammonite Red Iridescent 4.3cm | Image 2
Ammonite Red Iridescent 4.3cm | Image 3
Ammonite Red Iridescent 4.3cm | Image 4
Dimensions: 4.3cm at widest point
Ref: 12073
Price: £25.00

Cleoniceras Red Iridescent Ammonite, fossil for sale from Madagascar. This ammonite, measuring 4.3cm wide at its widest point, is very well preserved and exhibits a dazzling red iridescent colour. This distinctive colour and lustre was produced over time when the shell of the fossil was replaced with Aragonite, creating an opal-like effect. Due to its fiery hues, these red iridescent ammonites are often referred to as fire ammonites, although they are also sometimes called opalescent ammonites in reference to their opal-like appearance.

Originally found in the jungles of Mahajanga on the North West Coast of Madagascar, this iridescent ammonite dates from the Cretaceous Period and is 120 million years old. The ammonite, of the Cleoniceras species, was specially selected for its quality and was prepared in our workshop in the United Kingdom to enhance its high grade and polish. 

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