Fossil Wood Sphere 9.7cm

Fossil Wood Sphere 9.7cm | Image 1
Fossil Wood Sphere 9.7cm | Image 2
Fossil Wood Sphere 9.7cm | Image 3
Fossil Wood Sphere 9.7cm | Image 4
Dimensions: 9.7cm in diameter
Ref: 12071
Price: £89.00

Fossil Wood Sphere, crystal for sale from India. This large, highly polished sphere measuring 9.7cm in diameter displays a unique pattern of stunning colours. The banded patterns of burnt orange, caramel-brown, and deep red and speckles of white and blue are mesmerising and have an almost galactic appearance. 

This piece has been cut from a Fossil Wood log and polished to reveal the vividly coloured Jaspers which have replaced the original wood very slowly in the process of silicification. We have just received a new, unique batch of Fossil Wood sourced from Madhya Pradesh in India, where it is sometimes referred to as 'Trees of Stone'. This rare wood has been beautifully polished to a high standard during its preparation in our Indian workshop. It is estimated that the wood is 40 million years old, dating back to the Cretaceous Period.

Fossil Wood, otherwise known as Petrified Wood, is believed to have many healing properties, including the ability to relieve tension and induce a sense of calm in its user. Due to its connection to the Earth, Fossil Wood has a grounding aura and can increase feelings of security. 

Carefully carved into a sleek sphere shape, this piece is perfect for both fossil and crystal lovers. 

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