Smoky Quartz Wand 10.1cm

Dimensions: 10.1cm long, 2.5cm wide
Ref: 12039

Smoky Quartz Wand, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This slim wand displays a bright, clear translucence and measures 10.1cm in length. It exhibits slight smoky tones when exposed to the light. The Quartz has been cut and then highly polished from a large block of high-quality crystal into a point with a sharp tip and a soft, rounded base.

Renowned for its cleansing properties, crystal healers believe that Smoky Quartz refreshes and detoxes one's energy to release negative emotions. Due to its earthy colouring, this stone has a strong connection to the Earth and is believed to have a strong grounding effect.

Historically, Smoky Quartz was used to make sunglasses in 12th Century China. For example, judges used lenses made from the crystal in courtrooms to hide the emotions in their eyes in order to appear impartial. 

The size, clarity and quality of this vibrant, tactile wand is stunning, and it would both be ideal for collectors and healers, or make a striking display piece in any home. 

Price: £27.00
Smoky Quartz Wand 10.1cm | Image 1
Smoky Quartz Wand 10.1cm | Image 2
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