Polished Larimar 6cm

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Dimensions: 6cm long, 4.5cm wide, 0.9cm deep
Ref: 12007
Price: £41.65
was £49.00

Polished Larimar piece, crystal for sale from the Dominican Republic. This rare gem is truly a sight to behold. Each piece displays unique, individual patterns: clouds of sky blue, streaks of marbled white, and speckles of sea-green. When exposed to the light, the colours take on a new vibrancy in this translucent stone. Measuring 6cm long, this piece has been hand-polished on one face in our UK workshop to a fantastically high standard. 

Sourced from the Baoruco Mountains, Larimar was formed during volcanic eruptions. This rare variety of pectolite is unique due to its ocean-blue hue: although grey and white varieties of pectolite are abundant across the world, the gorgeous aqua blue shade of larimar is only found in one place on Earth: the beautiful Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. 

Like the sea its appearance so resembles, Larimar evokes a sense of pure serenity, calm, and relaxation. Also known as the Atlantis Stone, Larimar has a deeply spiritual energy. Snap up this gorgeous polished larimar piece now to add a rare gem to your crystal collection!

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