Druzy Moss Agate Bowl 2.6kg

Dimensions: 18.5cm long and wide, 10.5cm tall
Ref: 11970

Druzy Moss Agate Bowl, crystal for sale from India. This impressive 18.5cm long bowl is cut from a gemstone that exudes the feel of nature due to its green dendritic mineral inclusions of manganese and iron. Also known as Tree Agate, this stone displays a milky white Quartz base adorned with leafy green patterns resembling moss growth, and large areas of stunning baby blue.

Alongside the clean white and verdant green hues present in the crystal, this piece displays a spectacular druzy effect. A large portion of the crystal surface is exposed to show a coating of gorgeous sparkling crystals, while the rest of the surface demonstrates a sleek, smooth polish. 

Moss Agate is believed to be highly symbolic of growth and nourishment, and therefore is regularly used by crystal healers for its reported curative properties. Sometimes referred to as a Stone of Prosperity, this crystal is believed to help nurture the user's relationships and personal growth. This distinctive crystal bowl would make a stunning display piece in the home, or a great gift for a loved one or crystal healer. 

Price: £185.00
Druzy Moss Agate Bowl 2.6kg | Image 1
Druzy Moss Agate Bowl 2.6kg | Image 2
Druzy Moss Agate Bowl 2.6kg | Image 3
Druzy Moss Agate Bowl 2.6kg | Image 4
Druzy Moss Agate Bowl 2.6kg | Image 5
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