Yellow Quartz Pebble 95grams

Yellow Quartz Pebble 95grams | Image 1
Yellow Quartz Pebble 95grams | Image 2
Yellow Quartz Pebble 95grams | Image 3
Dimensions: 6.2cm long, 4cm wide, 2.6cm deep
Ref: 11832
Price: £9.00

Yellow Quartz Pebble, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This gorgeous, tactile pebble measures 6.2cm long and displays a rich yellow colour with hints of milky white and clear quartz, as well as some striking hints of red Hematoid Quartz. Carefully hand-polished, this piece glistens and shines in the light. 

The yellow in the quartz is created by the presence of Limonite. Also known as the Golden Healer, the warm honeycomb hues of the crystal exude a positive, motivating energy. Crystal healers use Yellow Quartz to aid concentration and the acquisition of knowledge; for this reason, it can be helpful to those in study. 

Ideal for a collector or healer, or simply as a stunning display piece.


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