Girasol Quartz Pebble 135grams

Girasol Quartz Pebble 135grams | Image 1
Girasol Quartz Pebble 135grams | Image 2
Girasol Quartz Pebble 135grams | Image 3
Dimensions: 5.8cm long, 4.8cm wide, 3.7cm deep
Ref: 11825
Price: £12.00

Girasol Quartz Pebble, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This stunning, tactile hand-polished pebble measures 5.8cm in length and has a chunky weight, making it lovely to hold in the hand. Girasol Quartz is a form of Quartz that is very similar to Clear Quartz, but is differentiated by its unique, almost opalescent milky sheen. This striking effect is caused by the aluminium content in the Quartz.

The soft look of Girasol makes it a favourite of the Quartz family to many people. Useful for Reiki healers, it has similar metaphysical properties to Clear Quartz, exuding a soft, calming energy. Girasol Quartz is also said to help its user to communicate more confidently and effectively. This pebble would make a perfect gift for crystal healers or crystal lovers in general. 

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