Yellow Fluorite Pebble 6.8cm

Dimensions: 6.8cm long, 4.6cm wide, 1.1cm deep
Ref: 11809

Yellow Fluorite Pebble, crystal for sale. This stunning 6.8cm long hand-polished pebble is of a very high grade and displays a base of ethereal gold adorned with subtle dark purple stripes. Once illuminated, its unique golden shimmer comes to life, distinguishing it from other forms of Fluorite. 

Revered in the crystal healing world, Yellow Fluorite is purported to balance one's energy and foster a sense of calm in your life. It is also renowned for its intuition-enhancing properties; Yellow Fluorite can be used to aid connection to the spiritual realms. 

Fluorite can occur in a crystalline or massive form. It is the mineral form of calcium fluoride, and has a cubic crystal habit. This lovely piece sourced from China would make a great addition to your Fluorite collection, and is ideal for the healer, or for someone who simply appreciates gorgeous tactile objects. 

Price: £10.00
Yellow Fluorite Pebble 6.8cm | Image 1
Yellow Fluorite Pebble 6.8cm | Image 2
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