Agate Freeform 14cm

Dimensions: 14cm tall, 13.1cm wide, 7.3cm deep
Ref: 11768

Agate Freeform, crystal for sale from India. Measuring a magnificent 14cm in height, this beautiful crystal is a fine example of our new range of rare Agate pieces sourced from India. 

This new form of Agate displays highly unique patterns and incredibly special crystal inclusions. Stunning Lavender Amethyst inclusions lend the crystal a gorgeous, subtle backdrop of colour that emphasises its pattern of mesmerising bands and stalactitic circles of beautiful blue and grey tones. This striking piece also demonstrates a large druzy top where the sparkling inner crystal is exposed in large points. This spectacular druzy effect means parts of the crystal twinkle and glisten when exposed to light, complementing the smooth, glossy lustre characteristic of the rest of the crystal's surface. 

Agate is a renowned stone in the crystal healing world and is useful for bringing harmony and balance to one's life. This type of stone comes in many different forms, yet all forms of Agate tend to have a soothing, positive energy which seeks to stabilise the body and mind of its user. 

Price: £198.00
Agate Freeform 14cm | Image 1
Agate Freeform 14cm | Image 2
Agate Freeform 14cm | Image 3
Agate Freeform 14cm | Image 4
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