Ruby in Kyanite Pebble 116grams

Dimensions: 6.3cm long, 4.5cm wide, 1.9cm deep
Ref: 11752
Price: £12.00

Ruby in Kyanite Pebble, crystal for sale from India. Madagascan Direct are excited to add a fantastic new stone to our collection, and we hope you are as excited as we are about it!

Ruby in Kyanite consists mainly of deep blue Kyanite, with some elements of Ruby within its crystal matrix. Kyanite is an exotic, uncommon rock rich in aluminium, and is famed for its gorgeous ocean blue hues. Many users find the colour soothing due to its resemblance to the turquoise and aquamarine tones of the sea, and in fact this mineral is renowned for having a calming aura. Speckled with white, this stone can often have a galactic appearance, fitting for a crystal associated with astral projection.

Within its crystal matrix, there are mesmerising Ruby inclusions, introducing clouds of red within the swirls and whirls of stunning colours. Ruby is purported to have an energising influence on its user. Thus, this stone is believed to both nurture and calm the user as well as stimulating passion. Associated with the throat and heart chakras, many crystal healers believe Ruby in Kyanite stones help people to speak the truth straight from their hearts, and therefore can be used to help resolve arguments. 

This tactile pebble measuring 6.3cm in length displays a sophisticated pearly sheen. A perfect gift or display piece for crystal lovers and healers alike. 

Ruby in Kyanite Pebble 116grams | Image 1
Ruby in Kyanite Pebble 116grams | Image 2
Ruby in Kyanite Pebble 116grams | Image 3
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