Lepidolite Pebble 6.5cm

Dimensions: 6.5cm long, 5.1cm wide, 2.7cm deep
Ref: 11633

Lepidolite Pebble, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This stunning 6.5cm long pebble displays a magnificent deep lilac colour with a white contrast. Belonging to the mica group of minerals, Lepidolite can display a range of colours ranging from light purple to deep plum and red. These colours are caused by manganese inclusions in the crystal, but Lepidolite is perhaps most famous for its rare property of being rich in lithium, which crystal healers believe give the stone mood-stabilising properties that promote a sense of balance and calm in the user. 

Lepidolite can be found in a variety of countries, but this piece was sourced from the beautiful island of Madagascar. It has been hand-polished in our UK workshop to enhance its lustre. Renowned by both collectors and crystal healers, this stone would make a great gift for a loved one. 

Price: £10.20
was £12.00
Lepidolite Pebble 6.5cm | Image 1
Lepidolite Pebble 6.5cm | Image 2
Lepidolite Pebble 6.5cm | Image 3
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