Ametrine Quartz Point 7cm

Ametrine Quartz Point 7cm | Image 1
Ametrine Quartz Point 7cm | Image 2
Ametrine Quartz Point 7cm | Image 3
Ametrine Quartz Point 7cm | Image 4
Dimensions: 7cm tall, 3.9cm wide, 3.5cm deep
Ref: 11623
Price: £47.00

Ametrine Quartz Point, crystal for sale. This stunning 7cm tall cut and shaped Ametrine point is a mixture between two varieties of Quartz: purple Amethyst, and golden-yellow Citrine. Displaying a sharp contrast between vivid violet hues and shades of glistening gold, Ametrine is a gorgeously translucent crystal. This unique interplay of colours is due to iron oxidising at different rates within the different minerals of Citrine and Amethyst during the crystal's formation: at certain temperatures, Amethyst will form, and at others, Citrine will. 

This crystal is rare: the only natural source of rough Ametrine in the world is located in the remote Anahi mine in Bolivia. Fostering a sense of focus, energy and creativity within the user, crystal healers report this stone to be both deeply stimulating and deeply spiritual due to its harmony between the best metaphysical properties of Amethyst and Citrine. 

This beautiful point would be perfect for the collector or healer, or as a gorgeous piece of home decor. 

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