One Face Polished Honey Calcite Crystal 5cm

One Face Polished Honey Calcite Crystal 5cm | Image 1
Dimensions: 5cm long, 3.3cm wide, 2.9cm deep
Ref: 11572
Price: £10.20
was £12.00

Polished Honey Calcite, crystal for sale from China. This high-grade Calcite crystal is small but sizeable at 5cm long and showcases a unique natural Rhombohedron shape. Expertly hand-polished on one of its faces, the crystal displays gorgeous golden-yellow hues, hence its name of Honey Calcite. The remaining faces of the crystal have been left in their natural form, displaying the Calcite's natural rough-edged Rhombohedral shape. 

When exposed to the light, the crystal's rich honey tones glisten beautifully, complementing the vivid rainbow-coloured bands present within. Hand-polished in our UK workshop, this piece sparkles with a sensational spectrum of colour. In addition to its brightness and vibrancy, this spectacular piece is also pleasantly smooth and tactile to the touch on its polished face, and rough on its naturally formed faces. 

Sometimes referred to as Amber Calcite or Golden Calcite in the crystal healing world, this crystal is reported to exude a warm energy that helps one motivate themselves to achieve their goals. Perfect as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or as a striking display piece. 

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