Rose Quartz Wand 8.7cm

Dimensions: 8.7cm long, 2.7cm wide, 1.8cm deep
Ref: 11569

Rose Quartz Wand, crystal for sale from Madagascar. At 8.7cm long, this small but striking crystal has been highly polished to emphasise its clarity and wonderfully mellow pale-pink shade. Madagascan Rose Quartz, of which this piece was sourced in the Antsirabe region, is considered to be the best in the world and can include lavender coloured varieties with Amethyst, and Star Rose Quartz which has tiny rutile needles inside.

Sometimes referred to as a Love Stone, Rose Quartz is purported to have a nurturing energy that can encourage love in the user. This beautiful crystal is perfect for the collector, healer, or as a sophisticated display piece.

Price: £12.75
was £15.00
Rose Quartz Wand 8.7cm | Image 1
Rose Quartz Wand 8.7cm | Image 2
Rose Quartz Wand 8.7cm | Image 3
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