Rhodonite Heart 8.6cm

Rhodonite Heart 8.6cm | Image 1
Rhodonite Heart 8.6cm | Image 2
Rhodonite Heart 8.6cm | Image 3
Rhodonite Heart 8.6cm | Image 4
Rhodonite Heart 8.6cm | Image 5
Dimensions: 7.6cm tall, 8.6cm wide, 3.4cm deep
Ref: 11523
Price: £39.95
was £47.00

Rhodonite Heart, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This gorgeous 8.6cm wide heart-shaped crystal is a striking stone with a great contrast between its rich pink and inky black hues. Rhodonite sourced its name from the Greek word 'rhodon', meaning rose, due to its signature pink tones, but it is also famous for the veins of black manganese oxide running through it which create fascinating patterns. This piece has been carefully hand-polished, and as the rhodonite crystal lends itself well to being carved or worked, has been artfully transformed into a heart shape. Ideal for a collector, healer or as an impressive display piece.

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