Bi-Valve 7.7cm

Bi-Valve 7.7cm | Image 1
Bi-Valve 7.7cm | Image 2
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Bi-Valve 7.7cm | Image 4
Dimensions: 7.7cm long, 5.6cm wide, 3.8cm deep.
Ref: 11344
Price: £15.00

Bi-Valve, fossil for sale from Madagascar. This stunning 7.7cm long Bi-Valve was sourced from Morondova in the south of Madagascar and dates from the middle Jurassic period at around 140 million years old.

Bi-Valves were molluscs, like clams and oysters, which first swam the seas 500 million years ago. Their structure involves two shells linked by a hinge. Over time, the natural shell of the Bi-Valve was fossilised by mineral replacements, leading to the fossils we have discovered today. 

This Bi-Valve has gorgeous ivory colours. Ideal for collectors and decorators, this polished fossil of an ancient mollusc is very tactile. 

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