Fossilised Wood Slice 12.5cm

Dimensions: 12.5cm wide, 11.2cm tall, 1cm thick.
Ref: 10905

Fossilised Wood Slice fossil for sale from Madagascar, This glorious 12.5cm wide fossilised wood slice has been polished on one side showing beautiful coloured jaspers which have replaced the original wood very slowly in the process of silicification. The fossil wood is from the Araucaria or more commonly known as the Monkey puzzle tree. It is 248 million years old from the Triassic period. The Monkey puzzle tree population is in decline today so here is a chance to own a living fossil from Madagascar.

Price: £13.00
Fossilised Wood Slice 12.5cm | Image 1
Fossilised Wood Slice 12.5cm | Image 2
Fossilised Wood Slice 12.5cm | Image 3
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