Red Jasper Heart 6.2cm

Dimensions: 6.2cm wide, 5.7cm tall, 2.1cm deep.
Ref: 10842
Price: £11.00

Red Jasper Heart, crystal for sale from India. This splendid 6.2cm wide Red Jasper Heart has been beautifully polished to enhance its luminous deep red colours. 

Jasper is an aggregate of Chalcedony, and the rich red hues unique to this type of Jasper are a result of iron impurities. A highly stimulating stone, Red Jasper is believed to give its user a powerful infusion of energy. Red Jasper is associated with the Root Chakra and signifies life and vitality. The stone is also believed to have protective properties, and was often used as amulets and lucky charms by shamans in the past. Red Jasper sometimes has religious connotations, as it has been associated with goddesses. Red Jasper has also been used throughout the ages for items such as snuff boxes, ancient seals and has even been carved into vases. 

This fabulous heart would make a wonderful display piece in the home or a great gift for the collector. 


Red Jasper Heart 6.2cm | Image 1
Red Jasper Heart 6.2cm | Image 2
Red Jasper Heart 6.2cm | Image 3
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