Indigo Gabbro Sphere 5.7cm

Dimensions: 5.7cm square base, 4.8cm tall.
Ref: 10402

Indigo Gabbro Pyramid crystal for sale from Madagascar, This splendid 5.7cm wide Indigo Gabbro Pyramid has a unique coloured pattern and is very tactile. Indigo Gabbro is from the Gabbro family of minerals from Madagascar which is a dark coarse grained igneous rock. A large amount of the earth's oceanic crust is made from Gabbro formed at mid ocean ridges. There are many different looks to Gabbro and a Gabbro from Madagascar is also called Merlinite. The lilac to purple colour mixes with the black which can show some shimmer in certain pieces. This stone would make a nice addition to a crystal collection or as an unique piece of interior decor in any home.

Price: £17.00
was £20.00
Indigo Gabbro Sphere 5.7cm | Image 1
Indigo Gabbro Sphere 5.7cm | Image 2
Indigo Gabbro Sphere 5.7cm | Image 3
Indigo Gabbro Sphere 5.7cm | Image 4
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