Ammonite Carving 9.8cm

Dimensions: 9.8cm tall, 8.9cm wide, 2.7cm deep,
Ref: 10368

Cleoniceras Ammonite Carving fossil for sale from Madagascar. This glorious detailed ammonite carving has been expertly carved with an Ammonoid coming from the mouth of the polished ammonite. This 9.8cm tall ammonite has been wonderfully polished and over 120 million years Water has dissolved the original hard parts of the ammonite shell and replaced it with mineral matter in a very slow process. This fabulously rich coloured fossil is of a very high grade. It comes from the north east coast of Madagascar in the jungles of Mahajanga. This ammonite is from the Cretaceous period 120 million years old.

Price: £38.00
Ammonite Carving 9.8cm | Image 1
Ammonite Carving 9.8cm | Image 2
Ammonite Carving 9.8cm | Image 3
Ammonite Carving 9.8cm | Image 4
Ammonite Carving 9.8cm | Image 5
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