Amazonite Pebble 101grams

Dimensions: 6.1cm long, 4.9cm wide, 2.5cm deep.
Ref: 10316

Amazonite Pebble, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This stunning colourful hand polished pebble is 101grams it is chunky and very tactile. Amazonite is a member of the feldspar group and comes from the Anjanbonoing region of Madagascar, the stunning blue green colours of Amazonite is very eye catching. Amazonite was originally named after the Amazon river. ideal for the collector, healer or as an interesting display piece.

Price: £10.00
Amazonite Pebble 101grams | Image 1
Amazonite Pebble 101grams | Image 2
Amazonite Pebble 101grams | Image 3
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