King Cobra Jasper Wand 10.8cm

King Cobra Jasper Wand 10.8cm | Image 1
King Cobra Jasper Wand 10.8cm | Image 2
King Cobra Jasper Wand 10.8cm | Image 3
King Cobra Jasper Wand 10.8cm | Image 4
Dimensions: 10.8cm long, 2.2cm widest diameter.
Ref: 9893
Price: £12.00

King Cobra Jasper massage Wand, crystal for sale from India. This fabulous King Cobra Jasper Wand is 10.8cm long and displays an unique orb pattern with rich colours.This amazing newly found rare Jasper stone is named King Cobra on account of its likeness with one of the deadliest snakes in the world. The look is sure to keep you mesmerised with the orbs on the surface of the crystal. The unique shades of colour of the crystal stand out from all other kinds of Jaspers found across the world. The glorious orbs are created by spherical inclusions of radial aggregates that happen to be needle like accumulation of crystals within the stone. Ranging from the palest of white to a rich maroon hue, there are Reds, yellows, oranges and browns in wonderful spaced patterns accounting for its eye catching appearance. The psychics and crystal healers of the world are reluctant to let go of this amazing Jasper that has also been christened as a counsellor’s stone. It is believed to have amazing metaphysical properties that can control the anger and tame the primal energy inducing  balancing and calming to the user. It is also known to sharpen the senses and heal a number of ailments thus banishing the negativity completely from the body. Sure, it sounds fantastic but you would have to be a believer to unleash its energy. We have retained a small team of artisans who are working hard to keep up with the demand by cutting and polishing the stones so as to achieve the spectacular highly polished forms. Choose a piece of this amazing King of Jasper's that has been likened to the King of all reptiles a.k.a The King Cobra. A truly stunning addition for any collection. Or as a unique display piece in any home.

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