Indigo Gabbro Wand 12.1cm

Dimensions: 12.1cm long, 2.1cm widest diameter.
Ref: 9889
Price: £15.00

Indigo Gabbro massage Wand, crystal for sale from Madagascar, This splendid 12.1cm long Indigo Gabbro Wand has a unique coloured pattern and is very tactile, it has been beautifully cut and polished from high grade Indigo Gabbro. Indigo Gabbro is from the Gabbro family of minerals from Madagascar which is a dark coarse grained igneous rock. A large amount of the earth's oceanic crust is made from Gabbro formed at mid ocean ridges. There are many different looks to Gabbro and a Gabbro from Madagascar is also called Merlinite. The lilac to purple colour mixes with the black which can show some shimmer in certain pieces. This stone would make a nice addition to the collector looking for something new or for the crystal healer looking for a different energy to work with.

Indigo Gabbro Wand 12.1cm | Image 1
Indigo Gabbro Wand 12.1cm | Image 2
Indigo Gabbro Wand 12.1cm | Image 3
Indigo Gabbro Wand 12.1cm | Image 4
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