Agatized Fossil Wood 33cm

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Dimensions: 33cm long, 17cm wide, 13cm deep.
Ref: 9725
Price: £198.00

Agatized Fossil Wood, fossil for sale from Myanmar. A stunning, large 33cm long piece of Agatised Fossil Wood. This beautiful new discovery from Myanmar has been completely agatized which means the original wood has been replaced by the mineral Agate. These mineral replacements display gorgeous rich colours which are enhanced by the high polish upon the wood's surface.

This type of Fossil Wood is rarely seen for sale and the majority sold goes to Asia, where it is highly prized. This wood, dating from the Late Eocene period, is believed to have come from a mangrove swamp environment and is around 40 million years old. Fossilised Wood from the Sal tree was generally mined in the upper reaches of Myanmar and exported to China in bygone eras. However, the local populace has now understood the true worth of petrified tree fossils in their area and they area eager to share these unique fossils with the markets of the world.

These gorgeous branches, which were once thriving trees millions of years ago, are perfect as pieces of unique home decor. The rocks are available in a multitude of hues including blue, green, yellow, red and a transparent white. 

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