Stalactite Slice 7cm

Dimensions: 5.2cm tall, 7cm wide, 0.6cm thick,
Ref: 9596

Stalactite Slice, Crystal for sale. This glorious 7cm wide Stalactite slice of Quartz, Amethyst and Chalcedony is from Rio de Plata Artigas in Uruguay. This slice has been polished on the front and back and display incredibly beautiful translucent coloured orb patterns, these rare items make a lovely gift and are desired and prized by collectors, increasingly more difficult to obtain now enjoy these high grade items while they are still available.

Price: £34.85
was £41.00
Stalactite Slice 7cm | Image 1
Stalactite Slice 7cm | Image 2
Stalactite Slice 7cm | Image 3
Stalactite Slice 7cm | Image 4
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