Rainbow Moonstone Pebble 5.8cm

Dimensions: 5.8cm long, 3.9cm wide, 1.8cm thick.
Ref: 9497

Rainbow Moonstone Pebble crystal for sale from India. This fabulous high quality Rainbow Moonstone pebble is 5.8cm long and displays plenty of blue flashes which is very difficult to catch in a photograph. The rough stone was purchased in Jaipur and then fashioned into a wonderful pebble and polished to a very high standard. Sourced from India, the Rainbow Moonstone is technically a labradorite and not at all similar to the traditional moonstone despite the glow that both the stones give out. The beautiful coloration of the rainbow moonstone is unique and caused by a scattering of light by the minerals entrapped within. The preventive qualities of the crystal are considered to be all important while its calming effect makes it highly desirable as a healing stone. However, its innate beauty and bluish sparkle makes it a stone that the wearer enjoys showing off as well. Whilst not displaying as much colour flash as Labradorite the subtle blues against the white of the moonstone make it a special piece for the collector or healer.

Price: £8.00
Rainbow Moonstone Pebble 5.8cm | Image 1
Rainbow Moonstone Pebble 5.8cm | Image 2
Rainbow Moonstone Pebble 5.8cm | Image 3
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