Spectrolite Cabochon 4.7cm

Spectrolite Cabochon 4.7cm | Image 1
Spectrolite Cabochon 4.7cm | Image 2
Spectrolite Cabochon 4.7cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 4.7cm tall, 3.9cm wide, 0.6cm thick.
Ref: 9084
Price: £25.00

Spectrolite Oval Cabochon Large, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This striking 25gram Spectrolite Cabochon was hand made in the United Kingdom in our workshop. It was made from spectrolite we sourced in Madagascar. These cabochons are quite large pieces with unusual colours much different to the usual cabochons on the market place and are very unique. We have obtained an excellent finish on the surface that has been created by using many grades of diamond wheels until the desired polish is achieved. The lovely range of colours we are getting from this Spectrolite is really unusual with very different shades of blues, greens, bright oranges and the ever elusive purples. The cabochons are chunky in size and are great for jewellers or the person wanting that one off look.These stones are also ideal for the healer or collector. We discovered the spectrolite from our 2017 spring trip and we were in awe at the stunning colours which are displayed within it, which feature the full colour spectrum which labradorite generally does not. It also can be called rainbow labradorite and it is a rare find in Madagascar as the general labradorite will just display colours of blue, green and yellow. the pieces we have here to offer can also display the beautiful purple and mauve colour range and purple labradorite is very collectable but genearally just gets used for jewellery. Spectrolite was initially a brand name for the material that was mined in Finland. Spectrolite is usually cut as a cabochon but sometimes you see larger pieces cut into freeforms and pebbles. 

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