Mookaite Jasper Sphere 6.8cm

Dimensions: 6.8cm diameter.
Ref: 8821

Mookaite Jasper Sphere, crystal for sale from Australia. This incredible 6.8cm diameter Mookaite Jasper Sphere has been wonderfully polished showing off it's incredible colours and patterns. Mookaite jasper is one of the most striking jaspers in the world, it occurs deep inside Australia and can contain trace fossils from the dinosaur era. Mookaite is like a pumped up version of Polychrome jasper but the colours tend to be much more vivid. Generally Mookaite is a deep maroon and yellow to ivory colour which makes for an extremely attractive combination. Jaspers are seldom found sporting a single colour and Mookaite is no exception. Mookaite is getting very difficult to obtain now and is very difficult to work due to its sheer hardness and fractures. Here at Madagascan direct we like the faults, vugs and holes in stones as we believe this gives them lots of character and makes them honest. Get your Mookaite now while it is still available.

Price: £61.20
was £72.00
Mookaite Jasper Sphere 6.8cm | Image 1
Mookaite Jasper Sphere 6.8cm | Image 2
Mookaite Jasper Sphere 6.8cm | Image 3
Mookaite Jasper Sphere 6.8cm | Image 4
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