Shiva Shell Pendant 3.19cm

Shiva Shell Pendant 3.19cm | Image 1
Shiva Shell Pendant 3.19cm | Image 2
Shiva Shell Pendant 3.19cm | Image 3
Dimensions: Shell Size; 3.19cm diameter.
Ref: 8372
Price: £15.00

Shiva Shell Pendant with Rhodium plated 925 silver bail. This splendid 13gram pendant is white in colour with a smooth texture and wonderful spiral in the centre which is very reminiscent of an ammonite fossil. They are believed to be quite sacred in India. They are made from the Operculum or trap door of a turbo shell which seals in the softer parts of the shell, they are found on the southern beaches of Madagascar. These Shiva eye pendants show a strange movement when you move them from left to right as the spiral seems to enlarge. The shells have been ground down and polished and then drilled and set with a Rhodium plated solid 925 silver bail.

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