Coprolite 11.5cm

Dimensions: 11.5cm long, 5.8cm wide, 2.8cm deep.
Ref: 8261

Coprolite 11.5cm , fossil for sale from Madagascar. This detailed coprolite was found in the Besiboko area of Madagascar, they are from a marine turtle and have been replaced by Siderite which is a valuable iron mineral and it contains around 48% iron. Coprolites are fossilised Poo! and the name comes from the greek word Kopros which means dung and Lithos which means stone. Dinosaur coprolites are very sought after and Sauropod droppings can be very large. The coprolites we have for sale are a great formation and come from a marine turtle , they can vary in size from very small to quite large, they are from the Eocene period and date to around 50 million years old.

Price: £9.35
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Coprolite 11.5cm | Image 4
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